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Networks within the NES are designed to bring together members with common interest within the field of ergonomics. They must be multi-professional groups or thematic groups, but not with focus on professions.


A network can be initiated by a group of members in one or more of the national member organisations within NES. Furthermore, it should be open to all interested members of the Nordic member organisations. A leader of the network has to be appointed, a purpose and an activity description to be formulated and written down. The written document must be presented to the NES Board and serve as a basis for Board for decisions about the network’s foundation. By order of the NES board, the network is officially formed.


The network members appoint or select the leader of the network and determine the leader’s period. When new leaders are appointed the NES board should be notified promptly. A report on the network activities and progress should be sent twice a year to NES President and Secretary and to the President of the Nordic member organisation where the leader for the network comes from.


It is desirable that the NES networks organises sessions, workshops or other activities at the NES conferences.



Ergonomics Supervision Network in Nordic Countries


The Ergonomics Supervision Network is a network within NES formed by ergonomists from the Nordic Supervision Authorities. We discuss, harmonize and coordinate our supervision and the application of the national regulations in the countries and the EU Directives on manual handling and work with display screen. We invite all interested within NES to participate and discuss issues of regulation and supervision.


At every NES Conference our aim is to organize a session or a workshop to present results and discuss current issues. At the IEA Triennial Congress 2009 in Beijing we organized a session on Nordic Supervision within the field of ergonomics with focus on legislation and inspections tools regarding manual handling. We plan to organize a session at the next IEA Congress which will take place 2012 in Recife, Brazil.






Visual ergonomics


The network for Visual Ergonomics within the Nordic Ergonomics Society (NES) is an informal network for professionals within many disciplines, all with a common interest in Visual Ergonomics. The group was established after an initiative from Per Nylén (Sweden) in 2005. At present the group is chaired and co-chaired by, Docent Magne Helland (Norway) and Associate Professor Hans O. Richter (Sweden), respectively.


The main purpose of the network is to facilitate cross-disciplinary communication among professionals in the Nordic countries with an interest in Visual Ergonomics. Secondly, the network, with its leaders as key persons, is responsible for assisting the NES organizers to promote and run sessions on Visual Ergonomics at their annual conference. Such sessions have now been organized annual at NES conferences since 2006.






NES President

Kasper Edwards, SAM




Hanna Skoog Rowa, EHSS,





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